Desk Gifts South Africa

Desk Gifts South Africa – What makes a branded coffee mug a great desk gift? A great desktop gift item that can be used every day, whether at the office or home, a Supremo Sublimation Mug is a fantastic, creative mug item that is perfect for staff members to use around the office or at home. […]

Mug with Biscuit Holder

Mug with Biscuit Holder South Africa- A wonderful staff gift that is sure to be loved, the Mug with Biscuit Holder is a nifty mug to have. A thermal style mug that is brilliant for travelling, this has a wonderful, detachable holder on the bottom for any biscuits or treats you want to enjoy with […]

Sublimation Mugs

Sublimation Mugs South Africa- A superb branded gift that can be used every day, whether at the office or home, a Supremo Sublimation Mug is a fantastic creative gift that is perfect for staff members or as office crockery. A clever way to market your brand, this is an item to be used constantly- consistently […]

Plastic Travel Mug

Plastic Travel Mug South Africa- A brilliant item for travelling, perfect for a long road trips or camping, the Plastic Travel Mug is a sturdy plastic mug with a rubber grip and an awesome anti-spill lid. With a huge amount of branding room and branding options, this is a great gift for clients and staff […]

World AIDS Day Coffee Mug

World AIDS Day Coffee Mug South Africa- A great item to give out at the office or to clients as a solid awareness gift, the World AIDS Day Mug is a simple mug option with clean cut and clean branding allowed over the body. 3 Reasons why this is the perfect World AIDS Day gift: […]

Coffee Gift Set

Coffee Gift Set South Africa- A brilliant item to give the working man or lady, a branded coffee gift set is a stunning way of making your brand part of the family. A beautiful gift that can be shown off every time guests are over, a coffee set is great for weekend dinner parties or […]

Coffee Cups South Africa

Coffee Cups South Africa- A great item for the office, adding a personal touch to the day to day business activity, a well-branded, good-looking coffee cup makes for a useful and good looking branded promotional gift. With a wide selection of types, styles, shapes and sizes, there is a cup for every occasion. A unique […]

Colour Changing Mugs

Colour Changing Mugs South Africa- A great item that has been a firm favourite for years, the Colour Changing Mug is a unique and custom style of branding that allows for a bit of fun and creativity with the gift. A brilliant item that changes colour to display branded when filled with hot coffee or […]

Unique Coffee Mugs

Coffee With a Difference Something useful and unique in the world of corporate gifting, a unique coffee mug with a proudly displayed brand logo to boot is a great custom way of giving clients and customers alike something they can use everyday. A perfect reminder of the work your brand does and the measurable impact […]

End of Year Gifts: The Coffee Set

Coffee Sets A thoughtful and worthwhile gift for executive corporate occasions, a unique branded coffee set is a classic and timeless gift. A clean looking, sophisticated option for corporate gifting, these sets not only show excellent taste, but also give the recipient something to use on a day to day basis. Perfect for upper crust […]