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Unique Coffee Mugs

Coffee With a Difference

Something useful and unique in the world of corporate gifting, a unique coffee mug with a proudly displayed brand logo to boot is a great custom way of giving clients and customers alike something they can use everyday. A perfect reminder of the work your brand does and the measurable impact of its efforts, a coffee mug can act as a consistent marketing tool.

A great way to market a brand through a thoughtful and unique gift, the awesome Chalk Mug is a fantastic addition to the morning routine. A unique gift that allows you to write notes on the mug itself, this can be awesome around the office or at home, either way this is a branded gift that will be loved and used daily. A unique twist to corporate branding, this is a custom branded mug that clients will adore.

chalk mug

Another item with a unique feel to it, the Heat Sensitive Mug is a coffee mug that changes colour when heated, giving you a message that can only be seen while drinking tea or coffee. A brilliant opportunity for a clever brand message, this is something functional and useful that clients and staff will enjoy showing off. An intelligent way of marketing your modern brand image, these mugs make for wonderful promotional items and corporate gifts. Whether a giveaway for customers or even just as staff crockery around the office, these mugs are a branded statement showing the attitude and new age thinking of a brand.

heat sensitive mugs

What goes best with coffee? While chalk notes and colour changing mugs may seem like the right answer now, the answer still remains: cookies. What better to have close at hand than a whole collection of biscuits and cookies when drinking your morning coffee. With the Mug and Cookie Holder there is never a time without your favourite coffee companion close by. Holding all your favourite cookies in a handy storage case at the bottom of the mug, this wonderful thermos mug gives you complete coffee satisfaction. A thoughtful gift for clients or staff during promotions, this is a gift that can be used every day. A branded item that is sure to come in use.


With all these, and so much more, available around South Africa, there is no reason you shouldn’t find the perfect branded product that tastefully promotes your brand and corporate image.

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