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Colour-Changing Mug Suppliers in South Africa

The colour-changing mug embodies the art of surprise when it comes to corporate gifting. People are naturally inquisitive and what better way to satisfy this curious need by presenting clients, suppliers or employees with the Chameleon Mug. The Chameleon colour-changing mug is a great way to brand and market your company or business. The Chameleon coffee mug can be branded with your company’s logo and slogan and will be visible to anybody who passes by – whether it be at home, the office or in public. This mug is a sure fire way to advertise your brand or product constantly without ongoing expenses.

How does it work? The Chameleon Mug is made of ceramic. The outer layer is black and printed with your company’s name and message. But how will people see the brand or logo? As soon as hot water is added into cup, the outer thermo-sensitive ceramic reveals its true colours. The black ceramic changes to white ceramic and magically reveals the printed logo, surprising any onlookers and thus, continuing the advertising for your brand.

Features of the Chameleon Colour-Changing Mug:

  • Made of AB-grade Ceramic, includes a Heat-Sensitive layer
  • Inner-Ceramic is customisable in Colour: Red, Blue, Turquoise, Black, Lime and Orange
  • Each Colour-Changing Mug comes with a colour-matching Spoon and Gift Box
  • Mug Capacity: 320ml
  • 10.3cm in Height

Colour-Changing Mug

The Chameleon Mug is a fun and unique way of marketing and is such a versatile promotional item, whether you are using them at an event, as a corporate promotional give-away, in house or as a staff gift, everyone will love them. Marketing and advertising is about being creative and drawing attention. How do you draw attention? By using the Chameleon mug to be unpredictably eye-catching and compelling the public to witness your name and brand. Brand Innovation is a leading supplier of branded mug and other marketing and promotional items.

To order your Chameleon Colour-changing Mugs now, please click this link – [email protected] – for fast and friendly service. We deliver to your doorstep, anywhere in South Africa. To view our other products, feel free to visit – – for more information. We are more than happy to help your marketing campaign reap benefits, providing a solution and keeping you happy.

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