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Boost the office’s energy levels with a branded coffee mug

As the business year in South Africa draws to an end and November rolls on, I stare into my coffee mug and realize how long the year has been and what a toll it has taken on us as employers or employees. To add to that, Christmas also looms around the corner and companies and brands struggle to find ideas for corporate gifts or branding products. And then it hit me, why not use the age-old coffee cup as a business gift, office incentive or promotional item?

As we grow tired through the last remaining days left at the office before the holidays, we tend to reach for our faithful friend more and more as the hours pass by. We need our coffee, we crave it, and when we want it, we want it now. Why not encourage employees or suppliers by gifting them with mugs from our range? Why not give us the means and tools to get a much needed energy boost and use it in our everyday activities at work?

Check out some of these products from our range:

  • Full Colour Printed Mug

    ( AB-OFF018 )

Branded Coffee Mugs

Get mugs printed in a full colour wrap, on white ceramic. This is one of the most popular products we supply. This is perfect for personalised mugs or cups in an office where there are too many employees and losing track of personal items gets quite easy. This mug can contain 350ml of fluid.

  • Mug-and-Spoon

    ( MUG-6340 )

Scoop mug and spoon red

The Mug-and Spoon is made out of AB-grade ceramic and can take up to 325ml. What’s great about it, as the name implies, is that you get a matching ceramic spoon with it in a matching, FREE, colour box. No more getting into office fights or silent fits about lost spoons. To each their own.

  • Ceramic Thermal Travel Mug

    ( AMCAM68657 )

Yellow Thermal Mug


The 400ml thermal travel mug is made up of a white ceramic base and an anti-slip/burn silicone lid. It is probably the most important mug I can think of due to the flexibility as a normal at-home or insta-on-the-go mug. It could easily become my best friend, as some coffee or tea on the road is always welcome. Another great benefit of this coffee cup is, its eco-friendly status – the materials are 100% re-usable.

So, come on, all you employers out there. Buy us hard working ants some cool coffee mugs as Christmas gifts and watch us blossom and round off even more as the year-end closes in on us. For quotes and orders all over South Africa, feel free to contact us at: [email protected] 

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