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What is coffee culture?

Everyone is asking, what is coffee culture?

Brand Innovation has decided to do our own research and fill you in on our coffee culture.

The coffee culture has been described as a social environment where a sequence of social behaviors is very dependent on coffee.  In simpler terms it means that in the 21st century, people drink A LOT of coffee!  Everyone has gone Coffee Crazy!

As the below Mug says “But First, Coffee”. 


What is coffee culture?











At Brand Innovation we all start our mornings off with a fresh cup of coffee!  It really gives us an awesome start to the day.

Why do people love coffee so much?

  • Gives us a great start off to the day
  • It tastes great
  • There are different flavors for everyone’s pallet
  • It’s a great way to socialise

The coffee culture can be experienced in coffee shops around the world. Business meetings and projects often take place in coffee shops instead of in offices.

Coffee Culture


This is why coffee cups make such awesome promotional gifts! You can bring the coffee culture into your offices.  Just like at Brand Innovation, our personalized coffee mugs are always present on our desks and always give us an excuse to take a break together and revive our spirits for the day.

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