Mug and Spoon Branded Corporate Promotional Merchandise South Africa

How do Colour Changing Coffee Mugs Work?

How do Colour Changing Coffee Mugs Work? South Africa- The colour changing mug is a unique branded item to have. So how do colour changing coffee mugs work? A great ceramic mug with a unique thermos-sensitive coat, these mugs change colour when heated. Perfect for your morning coffee, these show off your creative approach to […]

Coffee Mug Gift Set Ideas

Coffee Mug Gift Set Ideas South Africa- A wonderful idea for a branded gift for important staff members or clients, a thoughtful gift to connect with clients, Coffee Mug Gift Set Ideas are perfect for giving a meaningful, branded item to clients, that can be used every day. Great for at home or around the […]

Coffee Cups South Africa

Coffee Cups South Africa- A great item for the office, adding a personal touch to the day to day business activity, a well-branded, good-looking coffee cup makes for a useful and good looking branded promotional gift. With a wide selection of types, styles, shapes and sizes, there is a cup for every occasion. A unique […]

Colour Changing Mugs

Colour Changing Mugs South Africa- A great item that has been a firm favourite for years, the Colour Changing Mug is a unique and custom style of branding that allows for a bit of fun and creativity with the gift. A brilliant item that changes colour to display branded when filled with hot coffee or […]

End of Year Gifts: The Coffee Set

Coffee Sets A thoughtful and worthwhile gift for executive corporate occasions, a unique branded coffee set is a classic and timeless gift. A clean looking, sophisticated option for corporate gifting, these sets not only show excellent taste, but also give the recipient something to use on a day to day basis. Perfect for upper crust […]

Thermal Coffee Mug – South Africa

Thermal coffee mugs are supplied by Brand Innovation in South Africa. A coffee mug is a fantastic product to brand and use as a corporate gift, promotional item or end of year gift. You  can never have too many coffee mugs.  A coffee mug is suitable for people of all ages in any industry. So […]

Coffee Mugs with Logos

Coffee mugs with logos printed on them are one of the best ways to successfully market and promote your brand. Coffee mugs are used every single day and can surely aid in keeping your brand stand out to clients and suppliers. Today we recommend the Chameleon Mug. Product Code: MUG-6357 Min. Order QTY: 50 INCLUDES […]

Coffee Mug and Spoon Supplier in South Africa

Brand Innovation is a Coffee Mug and Spoon cialis online Supplier throughout South Africa. The Coffee Mug and Spoon is one of Brand Innovation’s best-selling mugs. The coffee Mug and Spoon Set is a beautiful, white ceramic mug with a colour inner. This coffee mug is accompanied by a cool matching spoon that fits perfectly […]

Colour-Changing Mug Suppliers in South Africa

The colour-changing mug embodies the art of surprise when it comes to corporate gifting. People are naturally inquisitive and what better way to satisfy this curious need by presenting clients, suppliers or employees with the Chameleon Mug. The Chameleon colour-changing mug is a great way to brand and market your company or business. The Chameleon coffee […]

Boost the office’s energy levels with a branded coffee mug

As the business year in South Africa draws to an end and November rolls on, I stare into my coffee mug and realize how long the year has been and what a toll it has taken on us as employers or employees. To add to that, Christmas also looms around the corner and companies and brands […]